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Unforeseen, roof problems are always a pain and undoubtedly a significant expense. We ran a survey on which problems are most common and the conditions that can prompt premature failure and reduced service life of roof systems. Listed below are 3 roofing problems most often battled by building owners and facilities professionals.

Clogged gutters: The life of your gutters can be significantly reduced if you do not clean them at least once per season. Not to mention that if dirt, leaves and other debris become too heavy when collected in your gutters, they may fall and damage the entire property. They can be a nesting place for insects if they are too filthy and can also be a fire hazard during harsh weather conditions. Think about all these dangers next time you want to save from professional gutter cleaning service. Is it really worth it?

Roof leaks and moisture: Leaks can result when single-ply membrane roofs are installed with poor seams. “You’ve got to have good seams with single-ply, because if you don’t, you don’t have much. The membranes themselves will hold water. You’ve got to have the seams either glued or heat-welded properly

Wind: The vacuum and the uplifting pressure created by wind, blowing over the edge of the roof, can partially rip the roofing membrane or system that has been applied. The roofing and insulation must be fastened and secured to the perimeter and to the main roof structure to counteract the forces that are being exerted on the roof.


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